Sad Movement of my Life

Today, i am sharing with you a sad Incident happened on the same day when Muslim Uma celebrates Eid-ul-Zaha. The incident was happened on Saturday December 30, 2006 death of Saddam Hussain by hanging on the Orders of America. Incident was happened on the wrong time and this way he will never every be die. The time selection of his death shows weakness and Stupid Thought of American policy. I think Bush is doing same thing now days as Saddam did it in Past. I feel too much sad because his death on the wrong day, if you wants to feel then suppose it, on 25 Dec any Christian Person Dead by hanging on the orders of America what you will feels on it, if you are Christian?


2 thoughts on “Sad Movement of my Life

  1. he was an effin killer?! so what if he dies. he deserves it !
    I am not musslim, and if they are musslim they are probably happy he is dead.
    Unless they are some physco fan of his. Ya im not feeling any sympathy for him.
    Btw, Americans arent stupid. Well now the obama is president , we are getting stupider….

  2. Hi Taylor,

    I do not know much about Saddam except one thing, “He is Muslim”. I do not know either he did any murder or not. Even I do not have time to study his case. But, the thing matter for me is, He should not get punish on Muslim religious day. That is wrong. Let’s suppose, on 25 Dec, a Christian Person Dead by hanging on the orders of America/Israel then what will be your feeling?

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