My First Day At Office

when i reminded of my first day at office then i always had smile on my face, by that time i was not able to understand what will be happening with me in the future? i was little bit nervous and thinking, will i able to do any thing or not or whether they will kick me out from the office?

i entered in the office and looked around every where to know about what kind of work is  going on over there and got too much confused without any reason, but Mohammad Hussan my friend arrived like a sun then i felt relax. before meeting him, i was imagining about every thing in office, I felt office is like a mechanical factory, every person is a robot and doing his work as a computer. i was thinking about how to fit my self because i want to prove (prove being ‘The Best’) my self and my Institution as well. after lunch time one task was given to me, but for me that task was like an OnSpot Programming Competition Problem and start doing it… and at the end of day i was failed to give ideal solution.

But in the end i want to say one thing about “My First Day At Office” this is nice idea to discuss and share with other. I always smile when I look at my past, because i did too many abnormal things in my professional life.


One thought on “My First Day At Office

  1. Well it is really interesting thing that you share; there are lots of things that we have supposed about professional environment, whn we are in our universities. And we work hard and hard bcoz yes we always think that the sw houses are the robot working factories like. And those suppositions come as survival. But after reading your post what I conclude to is… Deny to surrender. And that thing I learn from my senior.

    Allah Hafiz

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