Regular Expression in C++

The GRETA Regular Expression Template Archive

GRETA gives you all the power of Perl 5 regular expressions in your C++
applications. These easy-to-use classes let you perform regular
expression pattern matches on strings in C++.

Features include:

  • Fast backtracking regular expression engine.
  • Separately compiled patterns.
  • Matches against C-style NULL-terminated strings, C++-sytle std::string’s, or iterator ranges.
  • Template on iterator type and syntax module.
  • Supports Unicode.
  • Syntax is encapsulated in easily customized/replaced modules. (Perl and POSIX syntax modules included.)
  • Match balanced, nested tags with a recursive pattern. Great for HTML/XML/SOAP processing.
  • Many times faster than the .NET/ATL7 regex classes.
  • Consistently outperforms than boost regex++ on short strings; performs competitively on long strongs (see this page for a detailed comparison).



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