How to Download YouTube Videos

As you know Google bought YouTube few months before. YouTube is one of an excellent site where you can salvage your videos at public place. On the other hand some one creasy (like me) to find cracks and way to crack some thing. As Google give opportunity to share videos with others and other side Google give us very beautiful search engine. Today, I am going to share some cracks to download YouTube videos, these are

Web Base Solution
Following web sites provides us downloading url to download YouTube video from YouTube visited video url. You just give input YouTube video url and these site will parse JavaSript and give you actual path to download YouTube video. There sites are

Application Base Solution
Following application will help you to download video directly in your hard disk and you do not need to visit any YouTube downloading site and take actual downloading path then use download manager for download. These applications will take YouTube browsing video url and give you video in your hard disk.

[For Windows]

[For Mac OSX]

[For Linux Lovers]

Share your experience about download YouTube video and which solution you like it?


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