hand watch by you.

Dogma or Social-Dogma! Extremism is not a dangerous action but time is. Time will not give you any chance to correct yourself. Dogma is a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof. On the other hand, Social-Dogma is a materialistic doctrine that is proclaimed as true with materialistic proof. Community is always having materialistic injections to inject in your body; no matter how much pain and how much bad color it is. Informal term is sacrificing of own self, well, everything and negate own self. Feeling of life! If a dull student take distinguish in class, if a dump girl start looking beautiful, these things are not happened cause materialistic norms where as it is cause of love. Exactly same feelings we can feel after accept Allah and obey Laws of Allah.

Prickly_life_invert by you.

History and Research! Few days back, I met with my old friend, he start working to make materialistic changes in my outer and inner life style. I shared few things with friend, what Allah said to us, what Allah is expecting from us and what we have to do to meet expectations. I always feel too much guilty whenever I look around at my social circle, because everyone wants materialistic values, no matter how many lives to be killed to get them. One of my friend always asked to me on mobile (but did not meet me) “Why are you feeling guilty? Did you make this culture of materialistic values?”, I always don’t have answer for them but always think one thing, Allah has given Islamic Republic of Pakistan to live according to laws of Allah and majority of Pakistanis are Muslim but where are them?


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