Man Chalay ka Sauda

Dear friend, I would like to disclose pretty girl. A long time ago, I start listening public issues (mostly love stories) and help them as max as I can. Few days back, when I wrote and share “pretty girl vs complex theories” post for everyone to take feedback from public. I got some shocking results. Yesterday, one of my friends read my post and cries for one hour. I decided to spend some time after office with him, due to his cry and I got so many SMS on the post. Yesterday late night, he took three hours and shared similarities between my post and his love stories (Due to them, I strongly believes, it is non-realistic phenomena of life).

I think; I have to share my source of suggestion dictionary. Actually, I understand and suggest everything from drama “Man Chalay ka Sauda”. Please watch this drama and understand the phenomena of love and reality. It is available on YouTube:

My last words about pretty girl, it was the fictional character I made it for social behavior analysis. I have done these kinds of the item many times in different form to know intellectual level of the society, than feed some material to educate them. I know that, my words will hurt most of my friends, but I want to say them STOP sharing your love stories WITH ME. I need time for some personal projects/ideas to implement them, because I am going to start new era of my life.


2 thoughts on “Man Chalay ka Sauda

  1. Love is not related to material world. When it comes under materialism its known as need, not love. Secondly love is never one-sided or other-sided, knowledge or unknowing of beloved ones. Love is always double connection, and it never require anything in return. Closely look at love of parents with childeren, and other relations. They never stop loving you.

    • I might not agree with your views. We have to live in practical world. I wish, I am wrong, but reality is, we don’t believe on ourself and faith. Our behaver are so materialistic, even sometime relationship of parents with children vies versa. Both live with each others only because of materialistic needs. Whereas, we have to live with them to full fill the order of our beloved(Allah).

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