Scientific solution for Inner Pain

Human stomach can digest food if ratio of acidic and alkaline is normal. This ratio is called pH scale. Higher value indicates alkaline concentration and lower value indicates acidic concentration. Same formula applies on the matter of love. So much concentration on love will make problems in life and so much ignorance will also make problems in life. Try to make balance in everything.

Love requires to proof, existence of itself all the time. I would refer a beautiful poem by Amjad Islam Amjad,

Today, I am going to advice one solution to come out from pain of love (threshold level can be any). Get up early morning before Fajar prays. After your Fajar prays and dua, you should start Darood Sharif (which you love most) tills the end of Fajar time. Take sleep for one hour then start your rest of the activities. Your inner pain will start reducing after seven days. You should continue this activity for 70 days to resolve your inner pain. If you continue this activity for a long period then might be, some situation evolves in your favor and to get your love if your beloved person good for your future.


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