Spiritual Science and My Childhood

In childhood, I was surprised, when I saw the electric circuit first time in my life. I start thinking on it, like, what is the relationship between button and bulb? Why button needed to blink bulb? What kind of energy button has to blink bulb? I start finding answers. After two weeks, I decided to take that energy from button and I have to make myself as like button. After experience 220 voltage, I understand everything. It has some spiritual power to give light and energy to others. The button did not see the capacity of bulb installed in front of it. It has to provide energy for lightning.

I found beautiful video clip on spiritual science and my love. (please enable captions if not enabled by default)

Love is act like button. It has hunger to provide energy to others to transform them into light for others. Spiritual love has power of life, care and kindness. Might be, your beloved hurts to see or know it, if you hurt someone. Your beloved will assume himself or herself for that incident. Love has so much power to change the world. For example, a student was not unable perform in studies but suddenly he looks so much attractive and nerd after one occasion. This change is a sign of love/life. Love has one biggest restriction, if you really want to love, “You have to stay happy; stay alive; stay connected and behave like life for others and beloved”.


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