Phenomena of writing blog

Hypothesis: Culture and norms of society varies from intellectual level of the society to society.

Most of you know, i am living in Pakistan and wrote few blogs related to relationships and technologies. Blogging is one of the best platform to remove your relational gaps and freedom of expression to express our self as good as we can or as bad as we can. It is the nice platform to remove relational gaps among the people. Although, i have experienced so many behavioural issues with the people, because of my personal views and my blogs. My intellectual and philosophical level is too different than my society. Sometime i feel, people become so much conservative on personal views because of ego or they feel threaten (threat can be any kind) from other person. My views and theories are my own personal property and never tried to enforce on anyone not even on my beloved. Because it is against to law of freedom. Anyone can follow me, with own personal decision or wish.

I have experienced and implemented my all theories of love in my life. Same theories i founded after studied few material(few of them, i have shared with you in my old posts). Which means, all of them are possible and real. No one can say to me, it is bookish.

Hence proof, intellectual and philosophical level varies from educational level of the society. Education is too important to create healthy and happy society.

My conclusion based on my experience with my society. Hypothesis can varies from society to society. I can not clam generic hypothesis for all societies.


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