Put aside your clever schemes ~Rumi



Put aside your clever schemes!
O lover, be mindless! Become mad!
Dive into the heart of the flame!
Become fearless! Be like a moth!
Turn away from the self
and tear down the house!

Then, come and dwell in the house of love!
Be a lover! Live with lovers!
Clean your chest from all hostility.
Wash it seven times.

Then, fill it with the wine of love!
Be a chalice for love! Be a chalice!
You must be all love
to be worthy of the beloved.

When going to the gathering of drunks,
be a drunk! Become drunk!
The earring of the lovely ones
is intimate with beauty!
If you long for love’s intimacy,
be a precious pearl. Be a pearl!

If your soul is lifted to heaven
when you hear this song,
dissolve in the melody of love.
Be a love song! Be a song!
Don’t dread the darkness of denial.
Be the radiance of creative power.
Be the light! Be a haven of the spirit!
Be a haven of light! Be a haven!

Your thought takes a course
dragging you in its wake.
Move beyond thought!
Let your heart lead! Be the leader!
Passion and caprice
are locks leashing our hearts.
Become the key to the locks!
Open your heart! Be the key!

The light of the Chosen One
made a pillar moan!
You are surely more than a post!
Yearn for love! Be the moaning!



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