Organizational Structural Issues

As we all know, every organization has one leading person, who has vision to lead the organization and try to create excellent portfolio for the company. Normally, we called that person as CEO.

Few days back, i visited one company to study organizational structure. They have implemented very good organizational structure and environment within the organization. Every senior rank try to full fill duty and coordinate with others to build company assets and guide them properly to make proper growth. Unique part of information for me was, they have complete team to build startup companies option for the employees. It is a very unique concept for me. I met with CTO/VP of engineering department and discuss this theme. (I will try to write one post on it. And will try to cover some my personal views on this theme in its favour.)

They had very friendly environment and everyone enjoy workplace, because they have to spend maximum time at office.

As far as my experience is very different with companies. Because sometime, senior position does not have vision to build assets. Might be, they have fear of something which I can not understand or they don’t know spirit of leadership.

Solution: Following views can help to resolve this problem.
1. Company owner should realize leadership concept and “will” to make similar environment.
2. Hire consultant for sharing true spirit of leadership concept and ways to implement it.
3. Company owner should insure implementation of leadership concept in company.
4. Refresher courses should plan after two years in different way.

These topics are difficult to cover in one post.


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