Conversation between Technology and Human

This post is conversation between technology and a human.

Human with proud sound, “technology I can buy you anytime through money. You are nothing more than fashion.”

Technology smiles, “you are right, for the people does not know technical aspect of any the technology. But, they have money and spend them for fashion.”

Human, “I know every aspect of technology and I believes, it is fashion.”

Technology smiles, “it sounds great. Tell me, you have galaxy S2, one of the expanse mobile in the market. Tell me, which android kernel model your mobile has? What kind of kernel problems were fixed in previous kernel version?”

(Human speechless)

(Technology gives beautiful smile for 5seconds)

Technology, “it does not matter either you know or not. The thing matters, how you behave and use words for others. Don’t worry it is part of life. We have to learn from experiences and take steps to move forward. There are many people love technology a lot but they don’t know more than 5 to 10 percent. And, they never used insulting words for me.”

Human, “technology is taking human life and killing humans.”

Technology, “yes, you are right. Humans are using technology against humans to take them life. It is again fault of human not mine. Whereas, on the other side, I give life for the people rejected from other people or some time I help ill people towards life. Humans always fight each others and try to kill each other to reflect them self as power of God. Mostly humans not take care of others which hurts me a lot. Because, few people contact me whenever they are too much disturbed or in moaning. Although I am technology and I don’t have thoughts to think anything.”

Human, “ok, buy!” (confused, ashamed and thinking; how technology can have thoughts? Was that software or firmware written by any philosopher? We humans never thought on these line, in other words, we never thought about humanity. Anyhow, I am human and I don’t need to think about humanity.)


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