Discrete Math vs Lifeline

Hypothesis: Discrete Math can help us in the way of love.

My subordinate is very intelligent resource and he has very good analytical skills, but he is very moody and sometime he child’s play. I don’t mind it because he is a good resource and jolly person. And, I like these kind of resources.

Few subjects are core part of my heart, and mathematics is one of them. I normally evaluate many things on numbers in life. Which means if we have to solve the problem then first we have to break the problem till we can’t break it any more. Once we done, than we have to solve them one by one than join together level my level than at the end we will have solution.

It is a very difficult job to know either we really love other person my heart or not. I adopted following step to know it,
1. Divided my problem in many parts.
2. Create one excel sheet.
3. Write down some questions, than answer all of them in numbers in the available first column. (first column, Before take any action)
4. perform all decided actions.
5. Collect all numeric data (in second and third column) for feelings and behaviours from the other side and my side.
6. Feed some formulas in excel sheet.
7. Created some graphs in different forms to evaluate future.
8. I decide to take wiser decision for the future rather than emotional decisions. It does not matter Whatever the results are. My case is out of scope for this post. (I will share exact actions and results on my blog but after sometime. Because, it is not the right time to share.)

I wrote this post to educate the importance of mathematics and excel sheet. I would recommend you to use them in life extensively and make your life easy and simple.

Conclusion: mathematics is important part of life. Without mathematics you can’t conclude 100% anything, neither we can’t evaluate your love, and/or, love from other side. Love mathematics and dream mathematics only. It will never hearts you. Trust me!

Some beautiful words in “Fantastic Four 2” movie, “Treasure for me to spend time with you”.


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