My believes on love

I am strong believer of love. And, I am very practical kind of person in love also, because of my personal experiences with relationships and studies about religion. Love does not belongs to any race, colour, group of people, religion or caste or anything else. Because love is something belongs to heart and true feelings without involvement of any materialistic values. I strongly rejects the phenomena of love if love has 0.01% of materialistic value and disrespect in it. I gave consultancy to many friends on the matter of love. I always try to find materialistic attraction in love. Once I found it, than it means love based on material and/or time based.

My advice to everyone, never try to love anyone or if it happen then make sure materialistic values and disrespect should not step in. We should not affront with anyone in any case or any means no matter what your decision/opinion will be. we have to communicate own views in intellectual and educated manner if other person has some minimum education if you believe, otherwise we have open option to ignore all kinds of human norms.


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