Employees Responsibility and Ignorance

Thanks to electricity to force me to write something on employees responsibilities. Now days, it is very difficult to take some rest in nights due to unavailability of electricity.

Normally, I found articles on leaderships and bosses, like how to make yourself slave in the form of Hitler under the umbrella of leadership or say “yes sir!” all the times to your boss. I don’t believe on these crape thoughts.

I believe on following points and try to behave like them,
1. Honest with your work and your organization, no matter either organization regards your work and honesty or not.
2. Try to put best efforts you can.
3. Never try to create political environment in the company no matter what others do.
4. Don’t stop thinking to improve your working environment and processes for your work.
5. Try to find the ways to make your work attractive and learning.
6. “Will” is most important aspect as compare to skills to implement all these points in your carrier life.
7. Always consider your employer company as your own company and make your all behavers as your own company growth. It does not matter either organization regards your efforts or not. Because your honesty will give you regards through hidden ways.

One day, my teacher said to me, “Omer, intellectual honesty is too important as compare to physical honesty. Physical losses can be recover through time, but intellectual dishonest is unforgettable behaver.”

Me, “sorry sir! I fail to understand difference between intellectual honesty and physical honesty.”

Sir, “Omer, intellectual honest person can’t be physical dishonest. Intellectual honest person will not able to think to make any kind of loss for others. It means, that person will not able to perform any physical losses for others. Whereas, physical honest person will not give physical losses but might be that person can make losses in secrets.”

It was the wiser discussion with my teacher. I wish, I follow all these points and others consider me as an example.


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