Never try to find love

Never try to find the love
Love is the name of freedom, complete freedom
It gives the pain of the freedom and life
Love gives freedom if someone supposed to be

Love is the job of freedom fighter
Never try to find the love and freedom

Sometimes, ego arrives
catch you in the cage of atoms
Never try to surrender your freedom
Love never meant for the ego
Love is a subject of freedom’s lover
Surrender your ego, if you wish to step-in

Love is the subject of freedom lover
Never try to love someone
Love is the second name of life and freedom
Never try to find the love

(Thanks to Aimslife for wasting our time)

My advice for Aimslife only, to direct your all effort to make society constructive rather than wasting time on philosophical stuff, because, might be, reader understand your philosophical meanings if the reader has the same thought algorithm without any modification. It is impossible to find two persons have the same thought processing unit and same algorithm version installed in the memory.


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