Practical world and our education level

We can determine education level of the society through public behaviours in different and difficult circumstances. Few years back, I decided to left Islam because I never seen Islam around me and society, but all the times, I heart about Islamic ideologies which seems like fiction for me. I start looking other religion also to step-in there where I should found humanity at least in implemented form. I found one true religion, Islam, after spent a long time and taking knowledge of other religions and current implementation form. It is a true fact, and, I accept that we don’t have complete implemented form of Islam in front of us. In current circumstances, I decided to study Islam, complete Islam with true meanings of Islam then implement it on myself. I will never try to teach you, what is Islam? How to follow it? etc. I have to make myself example for others. I cannot clam that, I have implemented Islam in my life completely. But, you can follow me if you want to detrack yourself.

I found beautiful lecture regarding Islam and required education level for our self and the society.


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