Principle management

Human resource management – it is something to manage your sheeps through emotional behaviours (voice tone, selections of words in response, etc; in other word to make your face value for everyone) and physical insensitive to maintain the dignity and respect of the resources. Every designation has some responsibilities and ownership to perform.

I love shameless people, because they are so cute. I observed two kind of people a lot, dignified and shameless. In my society shameless people are excessively available because our culture and media club teach us shameless talk as dignified and dignified talk become shameful.

Let me try to share one example to present my message in the way dignified people never offend. One of my friend came to me and said to me, “Omer, I need money 7k. Because my wife asked me for a birthday gift and I don’t have money to buy anything. I would like to give her watch”. My response, “it is great owner for me, you have trusted and expected more than others.” and I gave money to him. Now I have information about my friend and I know he is dignified, because everyone dignified except me. But, it is very difficult to keep this information in my stomach. Very next day, I met third person and talk in front of my friend like, “Yar, you know some people are so cheap. They give gift others through loans.” I never thought, what I have did with my friend. How I can supposed anything because I love shameless people and this kind of talk is so common in our society. Whereas, my friend offended because this secret does not supposed to tell anyone and I should not use those word to make his insult in hidden way. Here an other law applicable on this event, intellectual honesty with others and common man. Please read my post “employees responsibility and ignorance” to know about intellectual honesty. Might be, I might not met my target to share this post because of bad writing skills and shameless attitude. It means, I have to put my efforts to write something to improve my skills, but I will never do because I am shameless.

I would like to share beautiful relevant lecture to clear my target message of the post.

Your comments will leads upcoming topics. Thanks for your comments but not for wasting time on my blog.


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