Definition of setback/failure and success

I read some philosophies few years back. I would like to share with you, because I expensed them and they are true. We normally believe that success is some thing we get results in materialistic nature, like I love someone, then success if I get married with her, otherwise it is failure/setback, like we are working on project, then it has to end on time at any cost, then it is success, otherwise it is failure, etc.

Let me try to define, success and failure/setback.

Success – is the state of mind and working of the human body parts at normal frequency or above the normal frequency. At that time, our brain send signal to blood production manager to make sure optimal use of all resources at this time. So that, blood quantity increases and frequency (movement towards your brain and storage to increase you weight) of blood increases to increase your decision making effective and wiser, if and only if, we have control of brain or prepared to our self to control our brain functionality.

Failure/setback – is the state of mind and working of the human body parts at below normal frequency or approaching to zero. Our body attempted approaches to zero frequency that mean it is a serious setback. We can draw chart between setback and serious setback, but it is out of scope for this post and belongs to medical sciences. Some of the setback will give you freedom, whenever you face setback then start focus on help to other. It will make you normal and try to avoid mistakes to avoid setback.

I cannot write anything on this topic, because it is very sensitive topic. Ya Allah, I have a wish! no one experience serious setback till the time of death. Ameen!

Ya Allah! give happiness to you in all stages of life and will to distribute with others. Ameen!

Standard practice to share some relevant video with you. I hope, it does not make sense to you.

Second video,


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