New Theme of Life

As you know, I have changed my blog theme and introduced two features to make your life easy and simple. Normally we don’t write our personal experiences and views because we are king and having power to make everything according to our wishes. It is not the practical approach of life. We have to find the ways to help others in the way other person don’t understand it. I believe, blog is one of the way.

Two features are,
1. Open Book & Open Notes
2. Follow My Footprints

1. Open Book & Open Notes – This feature will help you to view my history and the contribution from my side.

2. Follow My Footprints – This feature will help everyone to get my all upcoming post via emails.

My request to reader, please don’t waste your precious time on my blog till you find some help. Although, my blog belongs to my experiences and views about life, which normally people don’t like it. I am writing blog for the people like me, have no education and implementation.

Attractive features give solution in life. Again very interesting video,


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