Unforgettable personalities

Criteria of unforgettable personalities varies from person to person and intellectual level. I am dump person on earth. I don’t know anything about humanity and care. I tried to spend my life on certain path of life, but I failed very badly and I admit it.

We can defines two type of people as unforgettable,

1. Those who close to your heart for no reason and magically your radar capture your beloved magnetic field all the times whenever your beloved entered into your radar range. At that time you might be busy in your work or in the thought of something else but your heart press red alarm all the times whenever your beloved appear on your radar screen.

2. The people declared by some people for any reason. It depends upon intellectual level of the people.

I would recommend you, please don’t try to follow the path of idealism because you will suffer or face so many losses if you will not implement the concept of idealism in your life. Idealism is something belongs to freedom, complete freedom from rituals or society bounding or all possible bounding except belonging to your beloved (means Allah’s order) only. Your beloved become Allah and have to owe everything at any cost. The path of love, is the only way to get freedom or understand the meaning of freedom. Freedom will teach you follow things,

1. How to take care of other.
2. How to full fill your duties.
3. How to improve society.
4. What is the meaning of life.
5. What is self actualization.
6. What are the orders we have to full fill.

Here is the beautiful video on this topic,


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