Branded Human

I am too much conscious about brands and wants to spend money on them. Here are some following attraction for me,

1. Simple deign
2. Nice colour combination
3. Quality
4. Innovative designs

I need above four points in all items. I have no issue with brand name. I can go for local brands if above conditions satisfy me. Anyhow, I have no other option except foreign brands and they are costly.

When I was in university, my teacher said to me very unique thing to me, “Omer, whenever you start earning. You have to divide your earning into four parts.
1. For your personal expense
2. For your home
3. For your saving
4. For your investment”
I did not understand the reason and asked him, “sir! Why I have to divide it into four parts?”
Sir, “Omer, initially you will face so many issues and that will be your training time. Once you manage it then you will able to save something for emergency time and for others help.”
Me, “hmmm”
Sir, “Omer, you have to apply all these division after deduct 2.5% of total salary. That 2.5% should spend for welfare.”
Me, “Is it zakat?”
Sir, “for you zakat is different than this 2.5%, but for others it is same.”
Me, “Inshah-Allah! I will follow your instructions.”

Being a materialistic person, it is very difficult for me to spend that much money on welfare. This welfare will give you same spiritual growth and financial benefits. I don’t have rights to discuss them. And, I don’t understand/believes the phenomena of welfare, but you might be.

Best wishes for your spiritual investment.


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