Shut the door behind you

I have studied many authors through video/audio lectures, written material, books and events on religion, society and love(till few months back, I did not believed on it. Because, I tried but fail to device formula to proof it, either it exists or not). It was very difficult for me to manage my extra studies along software engineering job. Our working hours were too long, than I have to give some time to family, friends and home related work. My studies were extra work for me because, I had a dream from childhood, no matter what, I have follow ideal path of life and make others life easy by implement them on my own life as an example. (In childhood) Whenever I asked people, why you lied most the time? I got one reply all the time, because everyone lie and we don’t have example to follow.

Today, I am going to share some videos that can help you to make yourself united and move you forward. Before few weeks back, I was one of them, those are linked with past all the times. Allah thought me very important lesson and said to me, “Omer, you will not get freedom from rituals till you will not close all open doors and step in to the right room using wisdom”.

First part of the video,

Second part of the video,


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