Beware before follow footprints

Respectable reader, please don’t follow my blog till you want to understand the meaning of “Tasuweef” and scenarios in practical world with my views. I am trying to share my views on them and gave some examples related to my life.

Again, Please don’t follow my blog too much till you want follow the path of “Tasuweef”. It has very serious impact in life, views and body language. we cannot imagine the complete impact in life if we take step in. I am warning you because I have experienced so many things after just think to take step in and now I have decided to stay away from it, but will share my life experiences for others to beware.

As per my experience, I would not recommend anyone to follow this path. Some topics are still left to share with you and hope you will read them soon.

I decided to write this disclaimer after a long talk with my cousin and friend, those are already on this path or I believe they are. Both were advising me to write this disclaimer to avoid any kind of anti-tasuwaaf thought. We (my cousin and my friend) understand what you are doing and saying but other people don’t understand and believe all this. And, might be, they will misunderstood all your blogs and work.

It is very true, we don’t understand Islam in true meanings and don’t understand it in depth. It is very painful path to get in depth knowledge and this path left a strong footprints on you and your life.

I would like to share video with you to understand the impact of tasuweef in life. I can discuss so many points on this video, but they are out of scope right now.

Please listen and watch the video completely,

We cannot understand things till we discuss with other person in clear words. Sometime our actions were not decided to hurt someone but other side might be misunderstood all the thing and face any kind of issue. I am not a good writer but I tried my best to improve my skills and convey my knowledge and experiences.

Very important up coming topic will be “Modesty in love”. I would recommend you please read it and implement in your life.


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