Modesty in love

Modesty is very important element on the path of love. I don’t believe on love if modesty does not exist. We always give and take in our normal dealings. Whereas, we always give everything on the path of love and to beloved. And we cannot share anything we anyone what is going on inside after take step in the path of love.

I would recommend you please spend your life as you thought and believed. But never take the ride of love otherwise you should ready to face so many issues in life. You cannot imagine none of them.

Conversation between teacher and me.
Teacher suddenly after a long silence, “Omer, never ever try to heart your beloved”.
Me, “right sir! What do you mean by ever?”
Sir, “Although you will not able to love anyone. I know this, but if it happen ever in life then you should modest in it, at any cost. It does not matter how much pain you had inside yourself for your beloved.”
Me, “what if I love Allah, then how I can hide my inner pain?”
Sir, “It is true. Nothing hidden in front of Allah. Allah knows everything about us, what we are from outside and inside. If you really love Allah then you should ready to face bad human behaviours. It will give you more pain till your heart voice reaches the sky.”
Me, “voice of heart?”
Sir, “It will be difficult for you to understand now. But if you love any girl then never ever try to heart her because your beloved will be as like Allah, no matter if you fail in love. At that time you have to silent and don’t tell anyone about your inner pain.”
Me, “very sorry sir! I am fail to understand what are you saying.”
Sir, “Omer, it does not matter either you understand it yet or not. All you need to remember modesty in love, whenever you do.”
Me, “thanks sir! It’ll be easy instruction for me. Inshah-Allah! I will follow it.”

As per my experience, now I understand what my teacher said to me. Never ever think to left modesty on the path of love.

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Second important message,

Continuity part of message,

Very important message on the path of Love,


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