Cheapest Startup plan

Every start has end; every end has start; it is very obvious statement and everyone knows it, but we don’t know how to take start? and what to do at university life? and why university life? Startup is one of the topic, we need to educate children and students, because it belongs to freedom. Startup education will build our society healthy, happy and intellectual.

While my last startup, I tried to create cheapest startup plan with respect to our society. As we all know university is one of the best spot where we can get education, training and startup. Everyone can understand first two point but third point is very difficult to digest for institutions and students. I personally believe, I wasted my time and funds during university time. Anyhow, now I have so many responsibilities and dependencies are on me, so it is very difficult to take startup right now. I wish to find the way to make startup in circumstance. I would like to give you, One important lesson, never ever try to cheat anyone and always honest with your work.

Question: How we can make startup at university level?
Answer: As per my study, we need product/business vision & planning, development resources and infrastructures for the company. Final year of the graduation can provide us almost every facilities and all we need to make a will and dedicated and motivated team for startup. I will try to cover two points in time,
1. Financial aspect
2. Company vision

1. Financial aspect: I would like to show some financial aspect of startup if we make startup at university level. Let’s suppose, one resource salary 30k per month and 360k per year. And your team has five members including you. It means your company need to have 1800k for development resources for one year(minimum).

On average one laptop cost is 65k and five laptops cost shell be 325k.

One internet connection 2MB cost 2k per month and 24k per year and office environment expense on average will be 35k per month and 420k per year.

Total expense of the company will be 2569k per year(minimum).

You can bypass 2244k cost by using university infrastructure and team effort. 2244k is not the small amount for investment, but I wasted my investment and efforts at university time. You have to get financial benefits by utilizing final year project at university.

2. Company vision: vision is very important aspect for startup. You need to make sure executable business plan. Pakistan has so much potential to provide services, merchandising automation and innovative ideas. To create company vision, you and your team need to seat together and create all possible business contacts and relational contacts list in organized manner. Based on maximum type of available contacts, develop some business ideas for them and mobilize your contacts to make your startup successful.

I can provide maximum help as max as I can if anyone of you need any kind of help to make startup. I have some business ideas for you, you can contact me to discuss them. I will appreciate students to contact me.

Contact information: aimslife at gmail dot com.


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