Make your glass empty for more water

I have to write down everything and every aspect of life I have experienced and learned to take them out and make my glass empty for intake more water. Although, every chemical liquid including water has footprints on the path has been taken. It happens at atomic level and we can evaluate those footprints similarly to the evaluation of uranium purification footprints. I am not chemist but trust me so much knowledge I got from the path of love. The path of love made my life too easy and increased the tolerance level in myself.

I wish my society come out from rituals and ego. And, everyone get the education and behave like educated person. I have seen many aged person around my life have so much ego and full of politics to kill humanity. Let’s me define politics, it is the way to use evil thoughts and views for life and violation of others human rights and follow the path of evil in any means.


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