Numbers cannot proof

Ego is the enemy of humanity. So many people tried to define the ways to kill ego and mold yourself ego less. Ego makes our life so complex whereas, the path of love help us to kill ego and mold yourself ego less. Few days back, I have tried to generate some statistical data, which gender has more ego? I cannot show the names and count of the people (because they can know them self after read this post). Bottom line is females have more ego as compare to males. As far as I have identify one reason only, male always have the soft corner for female and believe them before knowing anything complete with true spirit. It’s natural behaviour of males and females from the start of humanity. Anyhow, The path of love teach us one important lesson, “Love humanity”. It does not mean to behave like lover with everyone, because you need medication from doctor if it happens. Love humanity means never ever take any negative thoughts in your mind for others, no matter how ugly other person is, but do remember one thing, you have to make best possible self defence if and only if someone try to kill you. I would like to share one beautiful video clip from the movie “A beautiful mind” to show impact of love on logic, ritual and reasoning of life. You can see clearly, love made his life too easy, simple and healthy. I completely agree with him, love does not have any logic, reason, and the number to device some formula for evaluate and proof its existence. I would recommend everyone must watch this video.

Please don’t forget the last part of the video on expression of love.

You will read few post on “A beautiful mind” movie. I was so much influenced from Dr. Nash style of work (my office don’t like it) because I love mathematics too much. I did not accepted his conclusion on love, when I enjoyed first time but now I agree with him after experience it.

Love does not have logic, reason and number to form a equation to proof its existence.


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