Anasoo lake trek

When you seek Love with all your Heart,
You shall find its echoes in the universe.

There are so many ways to judge Human behaviors. Behaviours tell us intellectual/education level of the person and approaches towards life. I would like to discuss human behaviours with personal experience. Few weeks back, few colleagues come to me and discuss about Anasoo Lake trek. At that time voice tone were too different. I ignored all possible reasons for discussion on Anasoo lake trek and decided to go there. I talk with one of the colleague who already visited Anasoo lake trek. He already has some interested candidates for Anasoo lake trek, but he don’t has any organizational body for it. I decided to take the charge of it and make sure to execute trek plan in the way everyone safe and reach to the destine and return back. I sent one email on my office mailing group, because we need 2 persons to complete trek group. I defined registration process by using Google forms. I received 24 registrations in one day and day by day count increases. More than 95% persons where not trekker, but they registered because of excitement/ego. It was very difficult for me to take ownership of 45 people on intermediate type of trek but captain said to me, “Omer, we have to entertain everyone”. I asked captain to share trek difficulty level with others to reduce count, but, all the times count increases. Me and captain seat together and get ready to face all possible situation on the trek and prepared complete program. Points where following,
1. Everyone should make a team of eight persons and one person should lead the team. Team lead will be responsible to get ready team at 0430am and jeep booking last night.
2. We defined trek lead person and trek rescue/security person.

Finally, sun rise, we all (45 registered and 7 unregistered people) ready for trekking. We start trekking 30min late because people were not cooperative. Anyhow, people start trekking in small groups (count of 2 or 3 persons). I was so much worried to see public behaviour and pray to Allah, “please make this trip safe and secure for all members” and Allah sent help to me, in the form of horses. Horse ride service make trek level easy and too easy. I would recommend not to go on Anasoo lake trek if you want to do ride on trek. Group trekking is ultimate fun as compare to horse riding. While traveling towards Naran, my office colleagues were used very insulting language because of Anasoo lake trek and they don’t want us to go for trekking.

Me and all trekking lover reached at Anasoo lake at own personal expense from Naran.


I would like to share some trek images,


Second image,


Third image,


Following points I have learned from trekking experience,
1. Power of team spirit.
2. Language tone while tough time
3. Ownership of own tasks
4. Goal is much important as compare to credit.
5. Processes or standards make our life easy and simple.


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