Difference of opinion

Difference of opinion is a sign of life and love. Every two persons will read one statement and will perceive two different means. It is a positive and negative sign both because if both or one has ego than relationship will no longer between them. As you know, I have wrote many posts on ego in different shapes and situations. Clash of opinion is also belongs to clash of ego. How we can avoid clash? It is very important question for me few years back. Two or three years back I attended one event on religious topic. Speaker said one beautiful statement, clash always between two devils or one devil and one good. Clash can not possible between two good people.

I asked question to him, “what if both are right but both have serious clash like we have in our society on religion?”

He asked my name and said, “Omer, you have pointed right problem. If you seen them then both are devils not matter how much they are correct. Means, both have serious ego problem if both are right and fighting each other. Difference of opinion will give you 100% protection of humanity and care. Being a human one action can be good for one person but bad for other person based on valid reasoning. In this case, both should understand one thing, first person doing something based on own believes or valid reasoning but it does not harm humanity then second person should not clash with first person because his or her action is not against humanity. Second person can share with first person, why first person wrong or what he or she should improve in his or her own life.”

Clash is one of the biggest problem in our current society. They don’t understand, clash is not allowed till humanity start effecting. If you study Islamic history then you will see Muslim’s fight for Islamic civilisation or rules because Islam laws for humanity, love and care. They fought for humanity should free from devil’s laws or civilisation. I would suggest to study Islam based on humanity, love and care then you will understand every rule of Islam very easily with logic.

Difference of opinion is very healthy thing but it should be for humanity, love and care. Any type of Clash is the path of evil and against the humanity, love and care. Clash is an other form of ego. It is up to us either we wants to be a part of humanity or evil.

I will try to find and write a post with some audio and video material for your batter understanding.


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