Law of innovation

Highest intellect and deepest passion makes our character towards self-esteem. We normally spend our life on the easy path of life. It is the very basic weakness of the human been. Normally organization exploit employees based on this point. Our religion says, always ready to adopt changes in life based on principles, are given in Quran.

Currently, we are facing penetration of multiple cultures without defining ethics. I am completely in favour of multi culture environment based on acceptance of other cultures by heart. We should not criticize on others cultures till it has violation of ethics given in Quran. Our criticisms should under the law of respect and love only, otherwise silence is best solution.

Straight line of the life make us week psychological, ideological, philosophical and religion lines. We have to analysis and improve our lifestyle step by step and must teach to the coming generation to follow the law of innovation in life with respect to Quran and Sunah.


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