Privacy law

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. ~ Conrad Hilton

Life has so many dimensions and privacy is one of the important element of life. Sometime, our careless attitude makes barrier in relationship.

Let’s suppose, I have two friends and I live in Islamabad and they live in Lahore. One day, I visited lahore and met with Kiran. Due to time problem, I did not get time to meet my second friend, Surab.

Kiran, is very beautiful and technically sound girl in software development. I knew very few girls, are technically sound.

Surab, is very intelligent and sensitive. He always excited to meet me and discuss his challenges in business and life. I always prefer to give some time as I get free.

One day, I met Kiran to discuss few things with her. And, very next day, she met him and shared about my visit. He was so surprised to know this. I tried to call him in evening but he did not attend me. I supposed, he might be busy. But, I surprised when he did not attend my call many times. After three months, I visited Lahore again and planned to meet him.

I went his home and met him family but he was not at home at that time and he did not know about my visit. He was surprised and happy as he get visit information about me from family members. Within 30min, he reached home. He was normal and very happy to see me. When I asked him, why he was not attending my call then he told me, you visited Lahore few months back and met with Kiran only. I am also your close friend and I was not expecting from you. After listen his complaint I take him for dinner.

After this experience, I understand the importance of privacy law or ethics and beauty of relationship and love. I was so much materialistic to evaluate everything in life, but my vision has been changed. At that day, I had a very short time to meet someone and I met Kiran. But, she did not understand what will happen once she shared about my visit information with him. Sometimes small useless information create gap in relationships. Relationships are above on everything. Never forget this lesson.


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