Declaration of success

Success always get my attention and attract me. Because human relationships are too difficult and expression of love is infinite, whereas at least I can not get success. I cannot full fill requirements of human relationship but I can do love and it has no requirement. I always suppose love is Allah and Allah is love. I am using love to get attention to my content, otherwise I don’t have any experience or knowledge of love.

We cannot claim any success till we got any opportunity to take wrong path than pass-through from that situation as like your beloved looking at you and you wants success to win your beloved heart. And wants Allah always with you no matter what happen and you always look at your beloved and pass-through from all kind of situations.

I personally try to avoid promises with anyone because I have to full fill them because my beloved has an eye on me but I don’t have awareness but I can feel my threshold of love and I have to honest with Allah.

Disclaimer: my views are so much distracted and difficult to implement. I will not responsible for any kind of disturbance in your life by implement my views in your life. Best wishes for you!


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