Human Slavery

About more than fourteen years, I am in the search of few answers. Why we are slave? How we are slave? What are the reason of slavery?

Finally, I found the reason through life experience. I would like everyone free from slavery. We need to understand slavery based on universally truths, otherwise distraction left,
1. Needs of Human body
2. Needs of Human mind

1. Needs of human body : we need food, water, temperature, air and earth for survival of human body.

2. Needs of human mind : we need positive relationships, positive talks and positive emotions for survival of human mind.

I would like to discuss more on human mind with you. I wrote three points in revere order under “Needs of human mind”. Positive emotions leads positive talks and positive talks leads positive relationships that leads revolution in life and world.

TV ads always try to exploit human mind or body to sale own products and make us next level of slavery step by step. I found many statements about marriage, love and etc in our society which makes so much negative character to control human sub-conscious and un-conscious mind. These statements made curtain human character to control them by intelligent or powerful people as they like.

Islam is one the ideal religion in the world. I am talk about Islam not any schools in Islam including Tasafuf. All schools are right because they are following some set of orders towards same destine. Everyone love Allah, and they feel owner to full fill his orders as he wanted from us. That is the only and true concept of love in Islam.

Our birth was as free human so that we have to live as free human and die as free human. I would like to define free human. Free human, means, free under the highest moral values and human freedom ends when others freedom get interrupted. That level of freedom, you can see in Islam only. It is all, with respect to my current studies and knowledge database.


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