Unity and Education

1. We are United in our differences.
2. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them, so Go Out and start creating.

Unity is very important element of the society. It helps to insure life security, healthy and happy environment. I personally love difference of opinion, if it is not to serve ego and/or for distraction of high moral spirits. Difference in opinion gives evolution in education to improve the quality of society.

Human been is one of the very beautiful creation of Allah in the universe. Allah tought us so many thing to develop things to help his mankind. Thirst for power and materialistic values is enemy of freedom of mankind and death of happy and healthy society. The concept of self-esteem and implementation will promote education and creativity for mankind to serve Allah. We cannot loyal with Allah till we understand his message(The Holy Quran) and implement in our life(As max as can follow Prophet Muhammad S.W). Power of creativity is one of the beautiful gift for the man-kind. Creativity does not mean everything because Allah has gave us small amount of knowledge and we cannot utilize it completely with help of Allah. Allah has infinite knowledge and power of creativity to do anything as he wants and whenever and where he wants.


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