Intellectual level

Few years back, I did not able to think out of box on use of blog. People interacted with others and share them feelings, thoughts and ideas which was time consuming activity. Now world has changed but human needs are still same; I don’t have time to read or write anything because I have to do all tasks to earn money and buy branded stuff or wants to enjoy luxury life style and everything should luxury. In this situation, how I can do something for social networking or relationship? That means you are making problem for yourself.

Dear fellows, blog is one of the helping tool to throw out all the stuff from your mind. Reader will read your stuff and will have psychological problem if you will not respond back in any means. Reading means taking stuff inside yourself whereas writer wrote that stuff to throw out from his/her mind for others to collect that garbage. Whereas, reader must read many stuff but not to take inside, mean follow this strategy “Read any stuff and throw out for others, never take inside otherwise it will damage you inside and you will never know”.

Knowledge is slow poison; you will die if you will not throw out;


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