Human behaviour based on expenses

Research always give me pleasure and awareness. We normally educate new generation, how to control others or rule on them. Whereas, Allah gave free life and freedom to evolve things and mature morality level then implement in society. I am saying to mature morality level; it means, Islam has perfect laws for everything but we as human can not implement in one pass, because of society does not accept increase in moral values instantly. Society always need proof and sacrifice to accept anything. Prepare yourself for hardships if you wants to bring change.

I never understand till few months back; why we are not interested to talk on social behaviours and emotions. And, we never try to define ethics for them to make them pure. And, I had the wrong understanding about western culture; they work on social behaviours and emotions to improve human morality. In actual, they are exploiting humanity for corporate business.

Human expense always matters based on human feeling and attachment with things. Something we need expense to full our desire or change our feeling to come out from specific mantle state. We have two types of life line at the same time, (1) Life of the Physical body (2) Spiritual life. Physical body become happy by materialistic things. Whereas, we become happy spiritually if we meet Allah or see humanity in happy state. For that kind of happiness, we have to sacrifice our wishes to enjoy spiritual happiness. We can found many people around us having financial problem or due to financial problem they can not stay happy. We can get spiritual happiness if we help them. And we can enjoy extreme level of happiness if we sacrifice own wishes for them. Because, Allah will too happy from you if you sacrifice your own wishes for humanity. You cannot get the chance to meet Allah without making human’s life happy.

I wish to do something for humanity because I never tried to meet Allah or tried to get access of Allah. I don’t know, what is spiritual happiness and I cannot get that ever in life because I cannot do anything for humanity. My wishes for you to, stay happy; stay healthy; wherever you live and make your own life. You should get Spiritual happiness by helping humanity and physical happiness in the form of wealth. Ameen!


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