Love vs Expectations

Today, I wants to hit, social issue. It will be very difficult for many people to digest.

  1. Love’s glory is not a small thing.
  2. Be silent, Only the Hand of God Can remove The burdens of your heart.

By Rumi

Our expectations are our enemy. We never tried to understand Universal Truth. Like, Mother/Wife/Daughter/Sister should learn how to make family united. Allah has made male with some psychology to take stand on good and bad lines, but, Allah made female with some psychology to take care of the other to make family united if she understand. Females must understand priorities few things in life,

  1. Boundaries of self-respect and evolve the social structure and culture to to achieve it.
  2. How to glue and up the broken relationship to achieve above point.
  3. Control of emotions and take care of male relationships (not talking about boy-friend. Daughter should take care of father and brother. Wife/Mother should take care of husband and children first then own parents.)

It does not mean male are free to make expectations from females only. Males should aware on these things,

  1. Male is responsible to take care of any kind of female needs. (Husband/Father has to take care of Wife and Children needs. Son has to take care of Mother and Sister(s).)
  2. Male is primary responsible to own all kind of home expense.
  3. Friendly and Healthy atmosphere of education with respect to society and region needs.
  4. Friendly and Healthy atmosphere to discuss everything with everyone to understand others and help each other.

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