Easy vs Difficult

Dear fallows, life is too easy and difficult at the same time. It all depends on your state of mind. Your life will be easy, if you are happy and making things easy for others. Your life will be difficult, if you are unhappy and/or making things difficult for others.
Islam has few fundamental laws,
1.    “Every two Muslims are brother, regardless of any color, race or location or etc.”
2.    “Once you accept Islam, Your Life, Wealth and esteem are respectable to the other Muslims.”
3.     “Education must gave to male and female equally. They must understand own duties and work.”

This fundamental law has following advantages,
•    Love and care of the mankind.
•    Happiness
•    Healthy environment
•    Happy Social environment
•    Growth in technology

Disadvantages you can find in your life if above three laws are not present in your life and/or around you.

Educate people to help mankind and give happiness to everyone.


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