Human Nature

Today, We will see human behaviors from an other direction. There are three elements to balance human life,

  1. Creativity
  2. Power
  3. Targets/Achievements

Before we understand above elements, I would like to share “Mulana Rumi” words with you,

The lover never despairs.
For a committed heart everything is possible.

~ Rumi

  1. Creativity: Alhamdulila! Allah has gave us mental ability to make things in a way to make some contribution in our society and mankind. It is very beautiful world, because I have spent few months in the world, where everyone creative and contributing them efforts for mankind and society. It was the great time for me. I become so much addictive for creativity and wants to make everything creative and so fast to make maximum contribution for mankind and society. But, suddenly, something happen with me and contribution dreams and vision lost somewhere, reason still not known. It was the bad time for me, at that time, someone appears in front of me (in my dream) and said few words and disappear, “Allah is ultimate creative and all creative powers belongs to Allah, Allah gave you those power to tell you, his presence only. You have to spend maximum time for him”.

    [Mission Statement: Why my creativity lost? and, what is the relationship between my creativity and dream?]

    I found the reason, after few months along with different kind of studies.

    The Creator (Al-Khāliq) is one of the name of Allah. We, humans, have his attribute of creativity but ultimate creator is Allah and Allah can make things so fast as much as he can. We, humans, have to take our creativity attribute under control and give “some blank space” between two creations otherwise, we will start facing psychological problems and creating problems in society without any efforts.

  2. Power: Creative people always need power to make implementation or enforce of all creative things in use around our self. Almost every person wants power to make them self in peace of mind because need of power to make peace in mind shows, psychological problem. Whereas, creative person need power to implement things for welfare mankind and society. I never fight so much for power, because creativity always gave me so much power automatically, when no one else can create those things, that I can. So many people made me supposed me enemy, but I always supposed them research thesis to write them in way to make so creativity for them happiness.

    [Mission Statement: Why people feel me enemy, whereas, I never tried to get Power?]

    The King (Al-Malik) is one of the name of Allah. Allah has gave up king attribute in humans for welfare mankind and society. One of my research thesis says to me, our brain has one binary tree (and AVL algorithm, also apply on the tree which leads our personality, I will discuss this study some other day on different post) which leads our behaviors and/or attitudes and/or decisions. Once we have wrong conclusion node in tree then all parents decision nodes become negative sign due to one wrong conclusion node in a tree. Physiatrist always try to find and remove that wrong conclusion node from patient binary tree to make his/her life normal. One normal life will leads normal society. That is why, we need to insure power should be in positive hands. Positive person with power will collaborate with positive creative person for the mankind and society, because both have the same goal/target.

  3. Targets/Achievements: Sense of achievement always give inner pleasure. Materialistic achievement can be give pleasure but can’t be for the long time. Inner pleasure will come only when you have inner peace. You can understand inner peace from Kung Fu Panda 2 movie, when Po fight with Lord Shan.

    [Mission Statement: What is inner peace? and relationship between inner peace and Targets/Achievements?]

    The Illustrious, The Magnificent (Al-Māğid) is one of the name of Allah. We have to define small goals/targets in a way what we can achieve them. Because, the personalities have above two elements with high threshold, can set To High Value Targets (for mankind and society) in life. Sense of achievement also have addiction as like addiction of creativity and power. Same formula has to apply for Targets/Achievements element, give “some blank time” between two targets and enjoy the luxurious sense of achievement which gives healthy and happy life for you, mankind and society.

I know, this post has so much dry stuff. Let’s we try to find above three elements in video on “A short love story in stop motion” & “I believe I can Fly” at Vimeo world,

A SHORT LOVE STORY IN STOP MOTION from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer from sebastien montaz-rosset on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Human Nature

    • Yes… The Blank Space will also give opportunity to make yourself in peace… Whenever you will create something, it will have very strong image in your sub-concision mind… Which I normally suggest people to make space for next creativity in sub-concision mind…

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