Power of choice

We are living the world, where Allah has gave us “Power of choice” between good and bad. Everything in the world exist in pair of negation of each other with due respect what opposite other item is. I will discuss this philosophy some other time also. Because, right I am waiting for the time to see my love (Mountains). “Power of choice” is a very big topic, I would like to write on it with my eye-views.

Look at me, I am human and you are mountain. You stand there same as you where, but I am missing you, missing you much and wants to stay with you forever. Few lyrics and song dedicated to you “Missing You, by Tyler Hilton”.

“Missing You”

Everytime I think of you
I always catch my breath
I’m still standing here
And your miles away
And I wonder why you left me
And there’s a storm that’s raging through my frozen heart tonight

I hear your name in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spend my time just thinking about you
And it’s almost driving me wild



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