Prompt windows authentication on IE

Windows Integrated Authentication mode is one of the idea authentication solution, due to central control and management point of view. Two days back, I was working on a web application has Windows Integrated Authentication mode for authentication. My system user did not have authentication right to login on web-application and my access request will take one day for authentication.

Suddenly Idea Landed!
IE will have any option to prompt windows authentication to get access.

Brilliant idea! ha na!

Follow these steps to enable IE option to prompt windows authentication,

  1. Go to “Tools” menu than “Internet Options”.
  2. “Security” tab.
  3. Click on “Custom Level” button.
  4. Reach at the bottom of “Settings” options.
  5. Select “Prompt for user name and password” option under “User Authentication” => “Logon”.
  6. Restart IE and enjoy “Prompt for user name and password” window to makes your testing life easy.

Disclaimer: I have experience above steps on IE8 and IE9 only.


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