Human’s fight against Numbers

My heart is your student; it studies love,
And, like the night, waits at the gates of dawn.
Where I go, I follow where love’s face leads
Because oil flows to the flame that it feeds.
~ Mvlana Rumi

Mulana Rumi one of the wise person in list of wise persons, I have. Lucky or Unlucky are irrelevant terms with respect to humans (Humans leads mankind and mankind leads healthy and happy society). We feel unlucky when failure in tangible stuff. Whereas, everything has two different faces to present own image. One face has positive image and second face has negative image. Positive face will give you peace, happiness and health. Negative face will give you unrest, distress and illness. These faces will make your life difficult and they can give you problems/examples for the mankind and society. For me, success in tangible stuff is failure, complete failure, if and only if, I don’t have next phase of succession mission based on last success story.

Number 13 is one of them, which has negative image in our mind. I never find the reason. Today, I would like to share positive side of number 13. Number 4 is very lucky number, and in number-ology, numbers are summed to make them one digit. Let’s we do that,

1 + 3 = 4

Waho! That means, you are one of the lucky person in the world. Number 4 has power prime number and smallest square prime number. By the way, AND operation between 1 and 3 will give you 1, which reflects sign of Allah(in Sufism). That means, we have to make our directions towards positivity and hope for the construction of the society.

I have heart many objections on the term of mankind and society in everything. Mankind and society is sight of positive thought and happy face of the life. We never tried to understand, what is going-on in our society because of myself. One physical existence, has big impact on others either positive or negative depends upon his/her personal experience.

This year 2012 was like number 13 for me.

Above statement is ambiguous statement. I have shown some hidden positive powers in number 13. Your thoughts will determine either above statement has positive indication or negative indication.


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