Ending with number

Words of wisdom came to me at last : The beloved you’ve lost, the one you’ve been seeking outside can only be found inside.
~ Mevlana Rumi

I chose my career computer science because I love innovation for the mankind and society. My religion set my thought direction towards mankind and society help.

Allah said in Quran to human, I will forgive you own rights, but every person has to take parson from other person by own.

During my career I have spent too much time with numbers. But, thanks to Allah, I never taken any effect from numbers not either positive or negative. But, I used numbers to express few things. Yesterday, similar message arrived on my cell phone from my friend. I had very interesting conversation with him. Let’s me share with you,

(friend) : IQ Test, A man got killed in his office. The suspects are Edison, Maxis, Jason, Janna, Sofia. A calendar near the man has blood, written 6, 4, 9, 10, 11. Who is the killer?

(Me) : Give me answer… my thought engine failed nowadays…

(friend) : Jason

(Me) : How?

(friend) : 6  4  9  10  11 is the clue. 6 means June, 4 means April, 9 means September, 10 means October, 11 means November. So simple, Jason.

(Me) : Great… I am out nowadays… I need prays…

(friend) : Oke

Although, my previous post completely focused on Number 13. And, very next day, I experienced above conversation. Might be, It has clue or not; I don’t know. Sometimes, life give us experience as like “The Da Vinci Code” movie.

I wants to share Islamic preaching with you to nullify numbers psychology for the mankind and society.

Jealousy and Faith cannot stay together

Today, I want to suggest one solution if someone faced similar situation ever in life.

Read Aayat al-Kursi Quran 2:255 (7 times)
(For Muslims: After Fajar Prays or Isha Prays)
(For Non-Muslim: Before 1 hour of Sunrise or After 1 hour of Sunset)

My prays for everyone, “Ya Allah!! give happy and healthy life to everyone and specially to the love, that I have for you in my heart. And, give energy to everyone and to my love, to distribute health and happiness for the mankind and society. Ameen!”


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