Civilization means ethics, respect, moral character, rules and owner in life. On the other end freedom itself belongs to evil side. It has to be under the umbrella of civilization. Expression of thoughts in words are to important because no body will understand your thoughts and direction of life from your actions those are visible to the respective person. I personally experience and studies conclude few things for me. I would like to share with you,

1. Allah gave us complex brain and translation of human brain in words is not a simple thing.

2. Conclusion must have details based on logic and reasoning.

3. Every problem can be solved by talk.

4. Every conclusion must give respect for the mankind and society.

Our contribution can be the only a way on making our self as example. That means your loyalty and principles must be in a way for the example to the mankind and society. Being a human, we have some necessities for life. Which we have to full fill under the umbrella of civilization otherwise things will move towards jungle law. Jungle law kills the theme of civilization of mankind and society.

Wish you best of luck for the future and happy life for the humanity. Your sacrifices for someone will return by the grace of Allah in a way to make your life become happy and healthy, and, will be example for the mankind and society. Learn and teach the laws for civilization to the coming generations and they also have to make the loop of learning and teaching for the coming generations.

Closure: Civilization belongs to humanity and anti civilization belongs to jungle.


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