Element’s of life

I had a great conversation and long drive with a friend. He shared and discussed so many things with me. I would like to write few important points with you. Life has few important elements. Those are,

1. Acceptance and Understanding of change
2. Understanding of fear and cure
3. Understand existence of life
4. Difference between positive and negative thoughts

1. Acceptance and Understanding of change: when a child come to the world where child will see changes all the time but child don’t know how to express it. At that time, parents start teaching communication to express problems and emotions that child has. This change essential for every child to spend normal life. After few years child needs and wants in different forms that also need different kind of communication to express. And during last era of life same child needs different kind of needs and wants to live. At that time, same child will have different kind of communication because things are evolved in different shapes.

All the time, time is moving forward and needs are evolving. These changes are essential for normal human life and normal human life reflects healthy human brain which is essential for mankind and society. These changes must understand and adopt by reasoning.

Another important aspect, I would like to share with you. Sometimes, we stuck in past or sometimes we stuck in emotions which reflects something wrong. Time and needs are changing all the time respectively. Stuck with something means we are not accepting change which we must have to otherwise element of life will stop and that leads toward death. Solution is so simple, understand the problem and accept the solution and move forward. Solution must be for mankind and society otherwise solution will have negative result sooner or later.

2. Understanding of fear and cure: Fear is enemy of life and can be the evil part of the personality. I would like to refer the example of the “Kung fu panda 2” for batter understanding. Load shen had fear and become evil power and Po had a power of courage and love to make changes and become a dragon warrior to protect mankind and society. Although, load shen tried to develop fear or doubt in Po life to make his evil but Allah take care of him and give courage and love to him. His selection by the spiritual master Oogway who had spiritual power and wise person. The courage and love made him dragon warrior for the protection of mankind, society and master.

In practical world, we have many kinds of fear. These can effect your personal life badly. Try to understand kind of fear, accept that fear and put your all efforts against your fear and become free. Your freedom will be the freedom of mankind and society. Your fight against fear will be the fight for mankind and society. You have some hidden energies to help mankind and society. All you need to find them. Your health, happiness and freedom will be the health, happiness and free environment of the mankind and society.

Motivation statement:
“Yes! I can do it for mankind and society”.

3. Understand existence of life: Life has very wide meanings. And, we can conclude it with words of happiness, healthy and blessed environment. Feel and enjoy these elements and develop some understanding for others(person). The understanding of these elements and implementation will help to establish happy, healthy and blessed mankind and society.

4. Difference between positive and negative thoughts: Human brain is one of the complex and interesting science. I found, human brain as binary tree that leads human behaviour, personality and decline towards specific patterns or actions. Positively towards everything and every aspect of life will leads humanity and happy mankind and healthy society. Negativity is good in some extend because it help us from bad incidents but from above the certain threshold will be evil spirit and will be negative personality for the mankind and society.

I wish for mankind and society for the positive thoughts and construction of healthy, happiness and blessed environment. Ameen!

Endup this post with quotation,

Inside, you are sweet beyond telling.
~Mulana Rumi


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