Convert failure into success

Beautiful words of Rumi,

Love is the bridge between you and everything.
~ Rumi

Whenever, you feel something wrong which is sign of love. Than, you must have creativity, passion, intellect, positivity, innovation and optimistic approach towards life, otherwise you don’t have feeling of love. Today, I met one person, who taught me, one of the interesting lesson, because he really fall in love.

Me, “You have so many success stories in life. What if you fail or your project sacked, where you spent more than three years, than what will you do?”

Lover (Him), “Omer, I will convert every situation of life into success because every success and failure is state of mind only. First of all, I will put my all efforts to make that project successful and after all possible efforts, if project sacked then I will convert that project into project development training session. In which, I will figure out strength and weaknesses of my team and following activities I will do,

  1. Call my team and take the ownership of the failure.
  2. Will share strength and appreciate them efforts and hard work.
  3. Will take team opinion on project failure and what we missed.
  4. Generate postmortem document with respect to team understanding and personal understanding for strength, weaknesses and way forward to over come on weaknesses.

These activities will convert sacked project into success.”

I was speechless and said, “Good bye to him.”

I don’t know, how Love can teach this lesson, whereas, I know, he was badly fail in Love.


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