Project Management Theory

December is end of every year and this time end of year 2012. Today, I would like to focus on life management and planning in a way you understand management theory and life theory. Code of conduct for this post will be, first, management theory, than, life theory mapping.

PMP define project theory, every project, has a beginning and end, temporary in nature, create a unique product, service or result. Owner or Leader or Manager has to insure every project has beginning and end within time frame. This theory has been taken from theories of universal truth for mankind and society. Has a beginning and end, means we need to make our personal plan with some beginning time and ending time no matter either end with achievement or abortive state. Infinite time on an idea/project means human brain stop working and the process of evolution has stopped. Stop of evolution process will generate many problems for mankind and society. The leader of relationship tree (can be father, grandfather, uncle, etc.) has to take care of family structure and learning process of siblings and children. Right now, we have so many social behavior because lake of ownership, evolution process and acceptance of change. Sometimes, we want affirmative result of a task ending and don’t define ending, which is itself problem for the mankind and society.

The knowledge areas of management plans are, scope management plan, schedule management plan, cost management plan, quality management plan, human resource, communication, risk and procurement. These knowledge areas exactly mapped in our life as well, like, scope management plan, every idea/thought should have defined scope and boundaries to define ending of idea/thought. Once we will define a scope plan than we can make scheduling plan and cost estimation for accomplishment. Everyone has visualization of everything in the form of shapes in fantasy. Our fantasy also defines some quality level of accomplishment to feel highest level of happiness with respect to intellectual level and understanding of mankind and society. We can’t execute any plan alone because every plan requires human resources for achievement. For achievement, we need leadership skills with management skills to develop team spirit in human resources. There are many techniques to develop team spirit in a way a team work as one unit. Along with team spirit exercises, leader must have a punishment ability to develop command and control to accomplish the activity within define time frame. Parents teach type of communication to children all the time. They teach different communication stuff at the time of child birth and communication type evolves time to time, because, child needs are changing and change of communication is also needed for expression. Similarly, style of communication at the level of project beginning will be different and mood of communication will evolve with respect to project time lines. Risk is very important element of life/project, many things can happen, those we can visualize or those we can’t visualize. Always prepare yourself for disaster that can happen anytime and any stage of life. We should have a plan for disaster management plan to come out from disaster. Procurement is very important and essential part of management and core brain of an accomplishment and owner of a project. Procurement is the main activity that can insure accomplishment and sense of achievement.

You can find same theory on life, because every birth of child mean beginning of activity and death is ending of activity. Develop the habit of Project Management stuff though out in life and every aspect of life. It is very essential for happy, healthy and blessed life.


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