When and Why Poverty develops in society?

Today, a person came to me, and said, “Would you like to join us to discuss Poverty?” Of course, yes!

It was very small discuss time in group. I would like to share few interesting points with you. Group leader asked same to all of them, “Why and when poverty develops in society?” One person gave very interesting answer, “There are three main reasons of when and why it develops in society. One, lack of Government ownership or leadership, second, education and last thing is lack of understanding of business.” I asked him, “Do you have any reason for ordering them in a way?” Answer was affirmative. Why? He said, “Well, Our leadership vision will leads business growth and education. Our education will teach us new kinds of business that will develop civilization healthy and happy.”

I always thought, I am the only person who thinks about civilization, mankind and society. But, that young man is very positive and happy sign for me and I wish, we all develop same thoughts.


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