Ready, Wait, Execute and End

We have four states all the time, ready, wait, execute and end state. Our computer operating system has same/similar process management model to manage application processes. Parallel task planning, resource allocation, execution and accomplishment are essential for happy, healthy and blessed life. Year 2012 is going to end today along all good and bad memories. After five minutes, Rise of New Sun (Year 2013) will begin with New Plans, Thoughts, Dreams, Motivation and Energy.

Ready state, is the state of hope, energy, passion and intellectual level. Wait state, is the state of management to allocate resources to move forward to ready state. Execute state, is the state of activity progress that gives health, happiness and blessed atmosphere. End state, is the state of accomplishment and achievement. For parallel activities, we have to make model for multiple execution in parallel with different state. That model is called as multi-threaded scheduling model. For efficient scheduling, we need to mark four things to sub-activity to achieve goal. These four points are activity number, earliest time, latest time and slack. I am by nature manager, planner, engineer and philosopher. That is why, I use many diagrams, scheduling techniques, technical abilities due to dynamic expertise and theories of universal realities to know complete picture of the progress of activities and ending for accomplishment.

Year 2012, is at end state now, and Year 2013, is moving towards ready state after five minutes. Few points, I am going to share with you to consider in every plan “understanding of change”, “humans are not machine”, “purity of relationship”, “celebration of every task completion”, “conversion of disaster into sense of achievement”, “understanding of fundamental laws of life”, “ultimate power of universe”, “cause and effect theory” and “understanding of universal truths”. These points are necessary to understand to make plan of any activity.

Best wishes for you, the year 2013 start with health, happiness and blessing for you and God give energy to you to distribute health, happiness and blessing for the mankind and society. Ameen!


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